A family recipe that originated in Miami in 1973, with such a demand the BBQ was sold over a 6-foot wall.The aroma enticed people as they became captivated in the flavor from a distance. Mr. Robert Deshazior placed a sign on the opposing side of the wall with a bell that stated, “Ring bell for BBQ”. Growing up Michael Deshazior Sr. saw how hard his dad worked to perfect the flavor for the BBQ.The DeShazior season blend has been a family secret for generations.The special blend is still hand crafted from scratch. After many years of perfecting the family recipe, Michael wanted to create something that could be shared with the world. This collective view inspired bringing to life Michael’s passion for grilling matched with bold and flavorful BBQ. Michael decided to create Deshazior’s Gourmet BBQ with a collaborative effort from his Fiance Shari Pritchard. The product continues to develop, enhancing an optimal essence unmatched. Integrity is the cornerstone and pillar of that foundation.The taste has become an indispensable flavor amongst all who experience it.

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